Hey there people,

I am new at this forum as well as to the iPhone and the process of unlocking it. I have read the forums and most of the current unlocking guides for the 1.1.1. In a few days, I would be getting a virgin 1.1.1 iPhone, and I was just wondering which way I should be using to unlock it. When I talk about which way of unlocking, I'm asking more specifically, if I should use vomer's guide (anySIM) on windows or inDependence on the OS X. Since I have accessibility to both methods, I am wondering which would give me less problems, safer and more recommended.

My concern is mainly that I am currently a student in another country, and on the independence website, they say that their program does not do a SIM unlock, but will activate it the phone with any sim card. Does this mean that it only activates the phone, but does not carrier unlock it? Because when I'm back in my home country, I would be switching sim cards, it would be quite a hassle to restore and unlock my iPhone all over again. At the same time, which unlocking method would enable more functionality of the phone (if any, for example using your own songs for ringtones, adding third party apps, etc.).

I guess that would be all my questions for now. I'm sorry if my questions sound very noobish, but that's only due to the vast amount of information that can be found here, it is rather hard for me to find my answers (if they exist here). I thank everyone in advance.