Guys here the prblem:

I had fully unlocked 1.0.2 Iphone. Today, I decided to follow the guide at to update my phone to 1.1.2

I have virginized my unlocked 1.0.2, but then instead of updating to 1.1.1, I accidentally tried to Restore to 1.1.1 After that the phone went into Recovery mode with yellow triangle/connect to itunes. So, I restored to 1.0.2 Now I have restored 1.0.2 iphone with "Activate Iphone" screen. I have tried to activate using the old method via AppTap, but with no luck. The first time I ran AppTap it downloaded 1.0.2 software then rebooted my iphone, but I was still at activation screen. I tried to run AppTap again, but it freezes everytime. I don't know what to do next. I know I have to jailbreak and then activate my phone in order to be able to update to 1.1.1, but I can't jailbreak using AppTap. Can someone suggest anything to help me out?!

Thanks a lot, Gene K