After months of waiting, I decided to upgrade my iUnlocked original iPhone from 1.02 to 1.1.2. Following the various guides here, I revirginized the phone, upgraded to 1.1.1, unlocked, upgraded to 1.1.2 then downgraded to 1.1.1

Somewhere along the line, the iphone got locked again. I have it activated, at 1.1.1 firmware with 4.02 baseband.

I can't downgrade to 1.02 because of Unknown Error 1. Its Wi-Fi is working, but it shows incorrect SIM all the time. The IMEI is correct to the phone.

Independence 1.3.2 won't allow me into DFU mode. I tried installing anysim, but it won't run the script (I thought I could just unlock 1.1.1) so that fails.

I'm pretty much at a loss, so any help would be greatly appreciated.