hi bought my phone yesterday im a windows user, tried to follow methods but theres far too many and im confused. really want to get my iphone working im kinda lost now tho i bought it as 1.1.1 out of box and applied the downgrade to 1.0.2 to get the error message in itunes i cannot get any further i ran the apptap installer it failed then was successfull right thru to 13 steps or so then when i accessed itunes it still has the same at&t registration can someone please help me as i cannot get passed this stage also when i try to update officially back to 1.1.1 to try and start again, using itunes it says do you want to update to 1.0.2 so i say yes then i get the fail message i dont know why, shouldn't it offer 1.1.1 ?
any help from you guys will be much appreciated i heard something to do with ibrickr 0.91 was far easier but again couldnt follow the tutorial