I bought a 2g that was advertised as "the slide to unlock" doesnt respond.
I figured oh easy fix... hack it and install some sort of "remove the lockscreen" tweak.
WELP, not an easy fix!!!!!

Its a 2g running 3.1.3
jailbroken with redsnow 0.9.4
unlocked with this redsnow using the 2 bootloaders 3 and 4
I activated it through itunes
installed my sim and it all works great. I called the phone heard the ring and voicemail on my end and on the iphone it lite up and went to the answer/decline screen.

The problem is the bottom part of the screen is unresponsive. I know I know, probably a dead screen OR
the issue alot of 2g's have: the slide to unlock doesnt work so install -supreme preferences or -change the touch file or -use touchscreen sensitivity fix

So I have all of those installed (i check through itunes and see the icons on the app page)
I see the files using funbox etc.....

the problem with everything I have read is it all says "once you have the app installed use your phone to go to settings/the app itself etc..... and blah, blah, blaH" the problem with that is I CANT...... I CANT SLIDE TO UNLOCK TO OPEN UP THE DAMN PHONE TO USE ONE OF THESE NIFTY FIXES!!!

so what do I do???? I was thinking maybe i could manipulate some file through fun box.... ???

help help help.... i bought this as a gift for my 11 year old son.... a used old 2g as his intro into the iphone world.... Im really knowledgable with the 3gs and can fix just about any issue it has...... this right here though has me stumped!!!!