Going through the upgrade procedures here (following this: http://www.iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=609 )

And it has now been stuck at "Performing the lockdown patch" for over an hour. What should I do?

The phone complained several times about little space left on the phone, so about 15 minutes ago I fired up the iPod app and deleted all my videos. Everything was going very very slow at that time, leading me to believe the phone was doing something. Deleted the videos, but still no progress. Firing up the iPod app now is fast as it normally would be.

From my terminal:
opening partition 0 ... 0.00 % ok
opening partition 1 ... 0.00 % ok
opening partition 2 ... 0.00 % ok
opening partition 3 ... 100.00 % ok
Archive successfully decompressed as /private/var/disk0s1.dd
mount_hfs: Resource busy
cp: accessing `/mnt/etc/fstab': Invalid argument
cp: accessing `/mnt/etc/': Invalid argument
[i] Performing the lockdownd patch

The phone is 1.1.2 software unlocked.