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Discuss [NOTICE] iphone-elite is not iphoneelite at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; There is a lot of threads talking about iPhone Elite Team and the drama around ...
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    Default [NOTICE] iphone-elite is not iphoneelite

    There is a lot of threads talking about iPhone Elite Team and the drama around it.
    The Elite Team has been split in 2.

    To make the things clear, there are 2 identical Google code pages now.

    Zibree's page >> http://********************************/

    The rest of the Elite team page >>

    They are not sharing their work.

    So don't get confused if you see different "Elite Team" releases.

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    Just for the purposes of clarity, I would like to make a statement regarding 'iphone-elite' and iphoneelite.

    The former 'iphone-elite' team and dev team have merged. There's no new team name or anything of that sort as of yet, because we've been busy working on things.

    We were having some personality issues with Zibri, and a vote was taken to part ways. Zibri went and locked all of the other former members of 'iphone-elite' out of our Google Code wiki, and thus, iphoneelite was born.

    It's just basically a migration of all the material we had on the other site to make sure that it would remain safe.

    I don't anticipate that we're going to continue doing/releasing stuff under the 'iphoneelite' name because it's just too confusing for everyone.

    I'd also like to take a moment to say something about the anySIM 1.1.3 leak and my own feelings with regards to that:

    It was extremely disrespectful to Gray of all people, since it was entirely his work and was released without his consultation or approval.
    I understand that everyone is always eager to get new releases of software, but you have to be aware that there are a multitude of issues that determine a release cycle, not the least of which is testing.

    If memory serves, that release that's now floating around had been tested on maybe 2 phones before it leaked. We had seen issues with earlier betas that didn't pop up immediately and wanted to try to make sure those were all fixed.

    To leak it, and then change the credits to say 'A bunch of people' and 'Fixed and released by Zibri' is beyond comprehension to me.

    Everyone who uses that piece of software owes a great deal of thanks to Gray. He worked very diligently, and for no material gain of his own.

    If you really want to show some thanks though, let it begin with showing enough basic respect to allow the developers to release software when they feel ready to do so.



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