Hey everyone. Just made the switch from Sprint to Tmobile after 11 years with Sprint and thanks to the information this board and a few others I was able to easily unlock my phone with ziphone 2.4 then use the installer app to install the 1.1.13 tzone tweak and within 20 minutes I am good to go.

I had a couple of questions though. I haven't sync'ed my contacts yet because I will do that with my laptop at work next week. Will I be able to sync via 2 computers or is this just like the ipod where you can only sync with 1 computer to have music from it.

Second, is there any main difference for me to upgrade to 1.1.14?

Did a few speed tests and my average has been 124kbps with the 5.99 tzone package.

So far I am a very pleased customer.