I have had a bricked iPhone sitting on my desk for two weeks thanks to Gizmodo mistakenly claiming that a 1.1.1 update would cause only a need to reactivate (as an at&t customer shouldn't be a problem) WRONG!

All I want is a virgin iPhone with the newest firmware. No more tinkering for me but, I need my iPhone back soon. I am willing to spend money to purchase the SIM Free unlock since it will give me a path to unBrick my iPhone.

Is there a method I can use to make my phone a virgin iPhone w/ 1.1.1 firmware locked to at&t? I no longer want to hack anything seeing as this whole mess has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Please help with two issue I've had despite looking through the valuable information on this site.

1) To use the kmac method I need to have a decrypted version of the 1.02 firmware please give me a hint as to how to obtain it. I have used other methods that don't require a decrypted firmware without success.

2) Once I have 1.02 and use that access to unlock w/ the new Sim Free is there a way to get back to virgin state since it will be unBricked?

Again please help a poor soul who very much wants to use his paperweight they way it was intended.