I bought my Iphone last week, and try to unlock it using the ibrick. That was the first and the last time I saw a recover mode in my Iphone (yellow triangle). I search on every where and I try every unlock method, I even buy freesim but I always reach a point where it says failure to recover. Unfortunately, I reached always a lock way in every method since I can not put it in recover mode. I try to hold home and sleep for 10, 15, 20 min not sec when my Iphone was plugged and unplugged. If it is plugged it always took me to restore mode direct. I try also to unplug it while restoring and nothing change. I used AppTapp, WiNstaller,etc. It seems that my Iphone does not has the require code to ask for recovery or there should be something wrong, I am using vista PC

Any file that I can work in installing recovery mode to makes my Iphone recover when it necessary ?

Note: as it seems that I can unjail my Iphone and I can also install software but without completing the process as I switch to recover mode.

Please Help