First off thanks to everyone who has put up set by set help for unlocking the iphones. It look so easy and fun i just had to do it my self. So thanks for the great work. now on to my problem.

Last night i follow the set by set to get 1.1.2 working. Well it didnt work. So i restore back to 1.1.1 and did jail break Now i have no bars/no service. I use a AT&T sim do i really dont need sim unlock. well at less not befor. The phone was 1.1.1 otb. I know theres alot of threads about this topic and sorry for the repost i just cant this problem fix. I have went down to 1.0.1 with ibrick or what ever it was. Same thing. Am i missing something? Do i need the sim unlock now? Did i kill my baseline? Thanks for any help.. O yeah i run PC so pls dont say use this and its a mac program. Im really sorry about this post i'm just upset i cant find a post that matchs the problem to what i have. Others have diff sims and did diff apps and what not. Only thing i have done with this phone is jailbreak, then the fail try to 1.1.2, the restore to 1.1.1 then even tryed restore to 1.0.2 or something like that. So i am lost any ideas what i need to do?