Here is what I Thought the deal was:

1.1.1. - no calendar entries using iphone
1.1.2. - calendar entries on iphone now supported

Am I correct?
I just downgraded my UK OTB 1.1.2 phone to 1.1.1 and I still have the ability to add new diary entries.

I only wanted to re-upgrade to 1.1.2 so that I could add diary entries. Seeing as 1.1.1 supports adding diary entries what other reasons are there for me bothering to upgrade again after the jailbreak? Does turbosim work with 1.1.1?

I'm reluctant to re-upgrade to 1.1.2 because I've tried it about 4 times already and every time I upgrade, itunes tells me that my phone is broken and I need to restore it. So then I'm back to the start with a non-jailbroken / non-activated 1.1.1 phone.