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Discuss The missing explanations for iLiberty+ at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; Okay, I think there're some extra explanations that need to be put so people can ...
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    Default The missing explanations for iLiberty+

    Okay, I think there're some extra explanations that need to be put so people can further understand how iLiberty+ works.

    1. Standard and Advanced tabs

    Basically, Standard tab is designed for newbies, where there main purpose is to make their phone call in/out etc, so the most used payloads are put here, of course, you may choose the payloads from Advanced tab.

    A general rule is: if you choose something in Standard tab, you do not need to check the same payload in advanced tab. The formula is:

    Standard + Advanced = payloads to use

    The current iLiberty+ may confuse people at this point because when you check an option in Standard tab, the related payloads do not appear in Advanced/Selected tab. This will be fixed in next update.

    2. Standard tab

    In Standard tab, each option has default payload associated with, as showing below:

    Jailbreak - Alwasy checked because it's the base for other operations. Apply jailbreak on an already-jailbroken phone does not have side effect. The payload just replaces the /etc/fstab with a new one so that you can later write to system partition.

    Activate - Activate and fix YouTube certificate, same as you check the Activate and YouTubeFix in Advanced tab.

    Unlock - Unlocks from 03.14.08_G to 04.04.05_G, same as you check the Unlock payload in Advanced tab. On BL3.9, the baseband does not change after unlock. On BL4.6 baseband becomes 04.02.13_G after unlock.

    Downgrade BL - Downgrade bootloader before unlock, same as you check the BL46To39FB payload in Advanced tab. Since this payload is executed before unlock, when you check this, your baseband version will stay the same after unlock because bootloader has become 3.9 after this payload execution (refer to above explanation for Unlock).

    Installer - Put Installer (a sorta old version) onto device. Currently, iLiberty+ will put a new LocalPackages.plist so there'll be no applications installed by default.

    According to the above scheme, if you check everything on Standard tab, you get the following payloads to execute:

    YouTube Fix
    Downgrade BL

    3. Advanced tab

    I have to agree there're some inconveniency in this area, e.g. the payload can't be download with a single click (have to enter URL manually in browser), the next update will try to locate these disadvantages.

    Advanced tab is designed for people with specific purpose, easy payload can be executed alone. For example, I often need to test unlock, so the most payloads I checked are:

    Reflash baseband to XXX version

    I dont need to check other payloads (not even Activate because after unlock, signal appears even in emergency mode).

    If there's some payload I forgot to check, I can always check it later and let iLiberty+ do the missing jobs. E.g., instead of checking both Reflash baseband and Unlock payloads at the same time, I can check only the Reflash baseband payload and let iLiberty+ reflash it, later I can check Unlock to let iLiberty+ do the unlock, it's the same as checking them both, the only difference is: checking several payloads in one turn is more efficient than doing the jobs in different turns.

    George Zhu
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