2G iPhone 1.1.2 OOB, now on 1.1.4 using iLiberty+
4.6 bootloader made into 3.9FB

I live in Montreal and I have Rogers. If I get calls from Ottawa the caller ID works fine and shows my contacts' name. If I get some calls from Toronto the number shows as +41 66 953xxx.

I say SOME because other contacts from Toronto show up OK on the caller id.

I have tried upgrading/downgrading my bootloader and it doesn't work.
I have tried downgrading firmwares and it doesnt work.
I have installed AppSupport Patch and Region Patch and it doesn't work.

I have tried everything I could possibly think of and it doesn't work.

I do not want to upgrade to 2.x yet until they come up with a really stable way so please do not advise me to do so.

If anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate your help and support.

Thanks in advance.