after a few days i had some problems with my jailbreaked german telekom fw 1.1.2. iphone (my dock was on the top, unaccessable) so i decided to repeat the jailbreaking process which worked fine for me the first time. after running it through, the dock and everything was looking fine but the jailbreak process (with independance) didnt work. it said it can only jailbreak when oktoprep was installed in 1.1.1. which i definatly did. i tried it a second time and got the same message.

the only thing i couldnt do 100% like in the desciption is that after installing oktoprep and reconnecting to the mac i couldnt install 1.1.2. directly but had to let him install my backup from the mac first. could that be the problem? does that kind of overwrite the oktoprep file?

any help would be well appreciated!