I tried to modify my 4.6 Bootloader with a 1.1.1 jailbroken firmware so it would be unlocked. I followed the process in http://www.unlocking.org.uk/iphone_u..._charset=UTF-8

After the first file that I put in: lockdownd, my iphone wouldnt be recognized by the computer anymore. It did so once or twice (didnt have the 1.1.1 restore fully downloaded, now I figure I should´ve just installed the 1.1.2 that I had there already when I had the chance), but then failed to do so ever again. So I figured that I would try and install the unblocking method by i.unlock.no

I installed that file but it did no difference, after having installed it I decided to uninstall it so in my mind the only change would be the lockdownd file. I got a hold of a 1.1.1 jailbroken lockdownd file and installed it into my iphone via ishare (wi fi). Still no change whatsoever. Can anyone help me on what I should do now? I read somewhere that if I connected with a different computer I might be able to restore it, havent tried yet but plan to do so tonight. Also if I enter DFU mode with the iphone hooked up to the computer itunes (open already) tells me that there is not enough memory to restore the ipod "ipod". (I have more than 16 GB availble on my computer and there is no music on the iphone since I did a reset from the iphone itself.