1-phone is virgin,no matter what version it is.(not otb 1.1.2)
2-jailbreak,activate,unlock all ok.working like a charm.
3-accidently updated on itunes,ok no problem.can be fixed.
4-at this point,when i check phone imei,shows 0049... etc.this can be fixed also.
5-is that means that we can patch the iphone firmware for imei rebuild?and put any desired number?

ps:there is a new stupid gsm law in my country,government blocking all phones which were brought from foreign countries.you must register your phone with your passport if you want to use it in Turkey.and 1 passport has 1 phone limit,cant register 2 or more phones with 1 passport.at this point,if i want to buy 3 phones,for my family or friends etc,i cant register it.i cant imagine the number of blocked iphones that i saw from last 2 months.this is why im asking if phone imei can be patched or not?any ideas would be helpfull.

best regards