Hi all,

I recently unlocked a virgin 1.1.1 iPhone following vomer's "Ultimate Guide".

For some reason, after uninstalling Trip1Pogo (both Summerboard and T1P were on the phone), the iPhone froze, and now rebooting simply leaves it in a frozen state displaying the Apple logo.

I've followed several posts instructing to remove certain attributes from the SummerBoard .plist file, as well as others; none have worked.

I think my only choice now is to "re-do" the unlock/jailbreak process. But, before doing that, I want to make sure I don't do anything that could lead to brick-age.

Do I need to revert the phone back to it's original state before restoring in iTunes? I used anySIM to unlock the phone, so I'm not sure if using this has any impact on the process.

I've searched throughout the forum, but haven't been able to find any "clear" instructions on what is needed. Apologies if the information has been outlined before... links to that info would be great too!

Any help would truly be appreciated!