Here's the skinny -

When iPhone was purchased, it was sw 1.0.

Updated to 1.0.2 and used iPhoneSimFree to Unlock using non-AT&T Sim

Updated to 1.1.1 where is had been working fine for months

Yesterday, phone is hooked up to my Mac, my wife goes to update her iPod, just clicks a bunch of stuff and boom, my iPhone was updated via iTunes to 1.1.3. BRICKED.


Successfully downgraded SW from 1.1.3 to 1.0.2., but would not allow me to successfully update via iBrickr from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1.

From 1.0.2, was able to successfully jailbreak using iNdependence (Mac)

On 1.0.2, using iNdependence, was able to successfully add OpenSSH and all the other good stuff... things look like they might work. Successfully activates, but does not recognize SIM card

AppTapp will not allow me to move on the phone

adds iPhoneSimFree program on iPhone - does not work

Using iNdependence, adds AnySim program on iPhone - does not work

iPhone screen then gives the Yellow Triangle - Connect to iTunes

This morning, back on PC, used iBrickr to again restore software version to 1.0.2., back to "Activate iPhone" screen

Tried using the Emergency Call "*#307#" method, goes well until step.

Now I fear that the only thing left to do is somehow revert the Baseband to what it was prior to the tragic unguarded 1.1.3 update. The furthest I can get the iPhone to be in a manipulative state is on version 1.0.2. The baseband is the 04.03.13.

I have the original AT&T SIM, and will try experimenting with that this evening.

So, experts opinion. How FUBAR'd am I? Will I ever get to use this device again with my unlocked SIM? Is there any option I may have missed?

Thanks much...

BTW, iPhone Withdrawl stinks. You have no idea how sweet a device this is until you're forced to use an HTC Shadow.