I have a 1.0.2 version iPhone, never upgraded to 1.1.1. But I did unlock it using iUnlock.
I wanted to actually upgrade to 1.1.1 so I needed to revert the unlock. I followed these instructions:
Up to the point where I flashed the baseband, and then reloaded the CommCenter
I do NOT want to unlock again, and that's the problem.
My phone now says INCORRECT SIM and won't work even though it has an AT&T card.

This is what I tried so far:
I restored the phone again, using the 1.0.2 firmware still
After restore I see the ACTIVATE message but ALSO the incorrect SIM and itunes won't let me activate either.
I ran iBrick to free the iPhone again
I reran apptappinstaller
I reran the Pacay activation/youtube

Phone is now fully fake activated but still gets incorrect SIM.

I'm thinking it may be the version of lockdownd or something the ieraser did? How do I fix this without having to unlock, just make it work with A&T so it's like factory settings and I'm able to upgrade to 1.1.1?

Thank you