Ok I have the known 0049 IMEI with no wifi issue. And I also tried every single revirginize method including updating to 1.1.3 etc.
no luck

the question is: WHAT actually is going on in the iphone? with the 0049 issue: the IMEI must be stored somewhere within the firmware... so if we reviginize and reinstall etc it wont come back because its store as 0049... so cant we just overwrite the stored 0049 IMEI with the original one found on the back of the iphone and everything will be fine?
Where is this IMEI stored and in what format?
Just to put things straight: I have no idea of coding so i am just assuming stuff here, someone must find the way to code the stuff

regarding the wifi issue: I've read many different opinions if its a software issue or a hardware issue. Personally (and again from a newbie standpoint) I can not imagine that it is a hardware issue, i lost my wifi somewhere in a hung up unlock procedure (i think) so it must be software related. And from a logical standpoint I dont suspect that software can damage hardware...
So I guess it must be connected to the whole baseband issue...

So the IMEI 0049 is what bothers me most, I want the phone back and i could ditch the wifi if absolutely impossible. there must be a way to WRITE the original IMEI back to the iphone.

what are your (professional) thoughts on this?