Hey all,

I have noticed a few reports out there about iLiberty+ 1.5.1 (not sure if it's restricted to this version no. only) crashing or at least stalling when jailbreaking iPhones (and possibly Touches?)! The particular part that it stalls at is roughly 25% on the progress bar, and saying 'Preparing jailbreak...' above.

I was having this problem when using iLiberty on my iPhone and jb'ing/unlocking/activating 1.1.4 (OTB 1.1.1). It kept stalling at that point and I had to force quit iLiberty, reset my iPhone holding home and power, get it into DFU mode and restore using iTunes. I then tried iLiberty again, restarting my iMac between times - making no difference at all.

Looking at the Console however, I got this message when I started to jailbreak:-

01/05/2008 23:40:36 [0x0-0x1f01f].org.theiphoneproject.iLiberty+[162] unzip:  cannot find or open /Users/mohoyt/Documents/Yearbook, /Users/mohoyt/Documents/Yearbook.zip or /Users/mohoyt/Documents/Yearbook.ZIP.
Basically it's looking for a file (payload.sh which is in iLiberty+/Contents/Resources/) which it can't find because the path to iLiberty is through a folder with a space in the name (in my case the folder was called "Yearbook Stuff"), so due to a bug, or a glitch in iLiberty, when working out the path to payload.sh, it does not take into account spaces in folder names - thus the path to payload.sh ended up being only /Users/mohoyt/Documents/Yearbook in my case.

The result of this causes payload.sh not to be moved to /private/var/folders/jC/jCzwKUTDGB0Hi4rfDnloRE+++TM/TemporaryItems/RXjvjwEM/ causing this error message in the console:

01/05/2008 23:40:50 [0x0-0x1f01f].org.theiphoneproject.iLiberty+[162] /bin/sh: /private/var/folders/jC/jCzwKUTDGB0Hi4rfDnloRE+++TM/TemporaryItems/RXjvjwEM/payload.sh: No such file or directory
then this one:

01/05/2008 23:40:50 [0x0-0x1f01f].org.theiphoneproject.iLiberty+[162] /private/var/folders/jC/jCzwKUTDGB0Hi4rfDnloRE+++TM/TemporaryItems/RXjvjwEM/payload.zip not found!
and then iLiberty+ tries to upload the payload to iPhone (I assume so at least - the uploading ramdisk to device message hints at this) and then the iPhone boots from ramdisk (which would then be not complete due to payload.sh (or a zipped version of it) being missing, causing the booting from ramdisk command to fail and leave the progress bar at 'Preparing Jailbreak...' Only allowing you the option of force quitting and DFUing your iPhone and restoring it in iTunes! If you do try and run your iPhone - then you would get scrolling text (looks like Verbose mode on OSX) and some bsd boot command frequently appearing and nothing else happening.

So, if you're having this problem, then I would suggest:

  • 1. Force quitting iLiberty+ if it's still hanging.

  • 2. Resetting your iPhone using home button and power button.

  • 3. DFU'ing your iPhone and restoring with iTunes.

  • 4. Moving iLiberty+ to a folder in a path that does not contain any folder names with spaces, I would suggest Applications.

  • 5. Rerunning iLiberty+, hopefully with success!

If you follow the instructions above then it should sort out that issue.

@Developer's of iLiberty+ for Mac: I can provide you with any more log files if you need, or try and explain more about what happened, but it shouldn't be too big a bug to fix! Amazing effort on the program anyway - worked like a charm on my iPhone!

Any questions, just post 'em or PM me! Good luck with getting it to work!