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Discuss Idea for a hardware unlock of 1.1.2 !! Only experienced users at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; ...
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    Default Idea for a hardware unlock of 1.1.2 !! Only experienced users

    I was just reading geohots blog and all his steps to unlock his Iphone.
    Thats led me to a few ideas about the new problems.

    What does the new bootloader 4.6 do?? (in fact the old does the same)

    Prevents erasing/writing baseband with a bootrom check.
    Here how the bootrom check works; it reads from 0xA0000030 0xA000A5A0 0xA0015C58 0xA0017370 and all these addresses must read as blank, or 0xFFFFFFFF. Only then you will be able to write/erase the bb.
    But you can't erase those locations, because they are in the bootloader.

    On this point there were found 2 solutions by dev-team,geohot and many many others.

    SOFTWARE solution:
    anySIM uses a “software”exploit on the bootloader to allow ierase erasing the baseband without problems.

    PROBLEM now:
    anySIM can’t find (use) the exploit in the new bootloader - no baseband erasing/writing.


    HARDWARE solution:
    Using testpoints to tell the bootrom to check another area which can be erased exactly like geohot did. See his blog for further details.

    Now it could be possible to load a unlocked baseband (unlocked with iUnlock) to the phone.
    (iUnlock can only unlock baseband version 1.0.2)
    But that would be okay. We could at least get an unlocked iphone 1.0.2.


    Any comments please...

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    didi they release the NORdumper for the new boot????

    I dont understand ?? where can we get the dump file then???



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