I have a 1.1.1 phone from week 43 which I was able to jailbreak at jailbreakme (it's an unlockable version I checked with bbupdater). I got to the unlocking part with anysim and I removed the att card but did not run anysim since I do not have my new card yet. I put in the original att sim back in that came with my iphone.

One thing I noticed is the area where there used to small connection bars now reads no service when I turn on the phone but everything else works normally.

Youtube has yet to work on my iphone and I was wondering if that is just because I need to go through the entire unlocking process before it will work? I already tried the copy file method to the directory to fix it and the script fix via the installer but neither worked.

I have browsed the forums as much as possible looking for these answers and have yet to find them. I was hoping someone could help. I'm not a noob or anything, but just curious as to what happens now. If worst case scenario I can revirg it I suppose. I have yet to connect the phone to my pc with itunes so nothing from apple has yet to be put on the phone.