hi i have an issue and hope you can help.

i had an iphone v1.o unlocked via iunlock.
i tried unlocking via upgrading to v1.o2 and anysim but it didnot work so i upgraded it to v1.1.1 and by following one of the guides virginized my iphone and upgraded to the new v1.1.1 and after jailbreaking and using youtube successfully ran anysim1.1 and it said unlocked successful. but still it says incorrect sim all the time. after running anysim i checked my imei and it was changed to004999010640000. so i take my simcard out and turn off the phone and turn it back on and it changes it back to the original imeil.
also i bought a license from ipsf and have been running both lately one at a time and nothing seems to work.

please help