I have some questions before I restore my unlocked iphone with fw 1.0.2

I bought the iphone on Sep, And I tried to unlock it with iUnlock. The first time is not success, so I restore it through Itunes. Then second time, I tried to unlcok it with iUnlock again, it's unlocked.

My iphone is working since today. But I noticed my signal is weak always (with T-Mobile) and all my frd's iphone, under setting --> phone, they have their phone number showing on the top. But mine is not showing at all!!!!

And it reminds me when I try to unlock the second time, on the last few steps with minicom, it has 1 or 2 errors instead of showing 'OK'. And I have no idea why my iphone is unlocked with that error.

So, I am thinking that because of the error, my iphone's signal is weak and it's not working properly.

Is there anyone has the same problem with me? Under setting --> phone, your number is not showing up?

So.... I am thinking I should restore it and this time using the AnySim 1.2.

So the question is, do I need to restore it in iTune ONLY(Factory Restore) or I have to restore it with the baseband(Virgin?) ???? Did the iUnlock modified the baseband???

And I know there is a counter which counts how many times you try to unlock. Anyone knows the detail about that?

Please give me some advise......