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Ok i made it all the way through the hardware disasembly i got that stuss done i restored my iphone to 1.1.1 jailbroke it and then installed the needed apps from the "Http://i.unlock.no/ " source in the correct order then i open ssh from my iphone becuase i read that people were messing up using putty and i ran cd /usr/bin/ then ienew and i get an this message when i tried!

resetting the baseband...Done
opened: /dev/tty.baseband
Ieraser for 1.1.2OTB: tool by geohot
waiting for data...
can't Write

and idk what the hell is going one becuase i did everystep by step according to http://iphone.unlock.no/bootloader_downgrade.htm tutorial to unlock! help me please im no noob to this stuff but when this happend i hessitated to trouble shoot becuase i really don't want to brick or loose my wifi!

Exactly the same situation - we are stuck - any suggestions ?