This guide is exclusively for:

> 1.1 anySIM Unlocked iPhones
> 1.1.1 mistakenly updated to 1.1.2

[This method is intended for people with basic knowledge about unlocking, use this if your already activated and unlocked a 1.1.1]


You need:

> 1.1.1 ipsw
> 1.0.2 ipsw
> iBrickr


1. Get iPhone into DFU mode, press home + sleep buttons until it restarts, when it restarts, keep JUST THE HOME button pressed. iPhone screen will remain black, but iTunes will detect it.
2. Shift + Click restore, select 1.1.1
3. It will restore, at the end it is going to give you an error, this is fine.
4. The iPhone will display connect to iTunes, close iTunes, launch iBrickr, select boot the phone.
5. Close iBrickr, iPhone will boot, open iBrickr again, select downgrade to 1.0.2 and follow the instructions, basically you will do the same as you did when restoring to 1.1.1, just this time you will select 1.0.2.
6. It will end in an error again. Close iTunes, return to iBrickr and select the option thats fits your scenario.
7. Your iPhone will boot, you will have 1.0.2 with baseband from 1.1.2.
8. In iBrickr, free your iPhone, follow the instructions.
9. When finished, select Applications, Install the PXL daemon.
10. Select apps again and install the installer, bsd subsystem and terminal.
11. Close iBrickr
12. Activate using PACAY.
13. iPhone will now go to springboard.
14. Open installer, update, restart installer, click on sources, add this one:
15. Return to install, and select the Unlock That iPhone folder.
16. Select 1.1.2 --> 1.0.2 package.
17. Install it, when done, open terminal enter this commands:

cd /usr/bin
18. When finished, restore normally to 1.1.1 using iTunes.
19. Activate using method.
20. Now you can install use anySIM as you normally would.