hi all,

I've finished my HW DW so I'd like to pay at least something back the community.

I know there are lot of good tutorials how to actually downgrade but that is not point of this thread, I want to mention everything I had to find out by myself...

So firstly read forum, find at least two different tutorials, use search tool ( http://www.hackthatphone.com/ very good tutorial but don't follow the finish, use terminal
, second and honestly the best is Tutorial written by Fredrik Grevstad, search it on hackint0sh )

After you prepared yourself and you know what you're gonna do, get neccesary tools , now if you don't want to buy opening tool, you will need several things: firstly get guitar picks (I used 0.38 mm and 0.5 mm), you will also need nail file to sharpen the picks, then small screw driver ( in fact i had to sharapen it, so i could use it), eletrical wire, insulation tape ( the black electrition one ) and small needles ( magnifying glass is optional, and you will use it just for a while )...

Now make sure that you have all neccesary files( including prepared iphone [ terminal, 1.1.1 FW] ).
Now make sure again that you have everything...

Before starting I would suggest to go through forum again, and read through all problems that might come up...

Now finally you can start opening, start slowly, and be patient, start with the smallest pick or screw driver( propably will do some damage ), after you make some space, start to work with the bigger one ( actually i finished antena part just with the .38 mm pick and screw driver, but i scratched it a little along the borders )

There only two clips on the antena black cover, but they are on the very sides of the over, so slide all the way to the silver rear cover.

Now take a rest, you've done some work, but the most difficult part is in front of you ( I put it off to the next day )

Removing the panel take some time, and if you want no damage, it may take even more then one day.
Remove the Sim card tray.
So start by removing 3 screws and insert the screw ( I would use different one then the one you used for opening, because it's pretty sharp ) between iphone and panel ( side with no buttons ) and apply a bit of force against the panel (I also put something over the antena, to make sure that you donít scr*w it up ).
It will take some time and practice 'till you will be able to insert the .38mm pick, but after you will do so,you're half way there ( good idea is to have more then one picks of each size ,& also later on I cut theme at half, so they would go straight ), so after inserting smallest pick to the space between panel and iphone, just try to slide as far as possible, but make sure that you put other pick to the beggining of the panel so you won't loose your progress.

Now you need to make the space bigger, so just repeat untill you have enough space to run through easily with the smallest pick.

After that rough work comes up, now you need to unclip all the clips.
This will require quiet lot of force, again use the smallest pick ( cut in half now ), insert it between the panel and iphone, but you want to insert it also 'under' the panel a bit. If you do so clips should go off...
Hopefully I will get pictures later

Just repeat same on the other side, but slide only to the buttons.

Now as you take the panel off, itís connected to the iphone chip board by a ribbon, so take it off very very carefully.
Then you need to remove metal cover of the chip board, itís glued to just force it off.

Now to the test point, again I would take a rest after very long struggle with the rear panel.
Use magnifying glass just to check if youíve already uncovered the actual wire, and be very gentle when testpointing, you donít want to use force, just touch very gentely...
I was pretty lucky in this step, and finished in 5th or 6th time, but it may take much more tries.

Now put the rear panel back ( make sure that ribbon is connected to the board ), forcing it to the body of iphone, then srew back the screws, and then put back antena cover, which is trickier then it looks, where rear and antena covers connect, there are two clips, which you must fit between actual rear panel and metal bord clips below atual rear panel.

After that just restore to the 1.1.2 FW

I know that the most of this is just transcription of tutorial how to downgrade the BB, but hopefully it helps a little, and It will clear and provide a little bit more information...

Sorry for my english, spelling and missing cís ( got crappy keyboard )

Lastely even if you are a noob in this you can finish it withouít any problem, just be confident, have positive approach to it, and relax during the opening part...
Also dontít let anybody on forum scare you, conversly if you donít have guts to do that, donít even start

Remember forum is your friend, you should spend a lot of time reading it before actual DW....

So good luck with downgrading


If you like/donít like please let me know, including any possible improvements....
If admins find this tutorial useless(which could happend ) just delete it....