I also had some issues with this:
My phone is week 30 phone (came with 1.0.0 I think), unlocked with the original 20 minutes iUnlock, I revirginized with geohot's server - and still have the "imei" file, then 1.1.1 and finally 1.1.2
I tried geohot's ipsf - and I forgot to put it in airplane mode - and I failed miserably.
I tried again to use geohot's ipsf on 1.0.2 with 3.14 bb. I got a bad IMEI and then I revirginized with my imei_loader file.
Since then i tried a couple of times - but after the script runs and says it's successfull.. I get error when I try to unlock it via minicom.
I tried it once more on 1.1.2 and I put it in airplane mode - but this time I got resource busy from bbupdater...
I managed to revirginize it - and now it works. I'm on 1.1.3 with 4.03.13_G (gray's method)
What's strange is that my Lifetime call time has been reset to 0 after the last virginization (it didn't happen before this)