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Discuss General questions to firmware 1.1.1 at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; Originally Posted by korazz If you want a clean and functioning unlock! Then just wait ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by korazz View Post
    If you want a clean and functioning unlock! Then just wait a bit till the 1.1.1 unlock is out.

    Unless you just cant wait SUPERsim or TurboSIm is a good way but not clean and will require some troubleshooting at times.

    Yes... that would realy be the best for me.. a software 1.1.1 unlock *aaaahhh* :-) It's no problem to wait for 2 weeks but I don't know/we don't know how long the unlock for 1.1.1 still takes.. [dev team, you all do a great job!!]

    Quote Originally Posted by 997TT View Post
    Caution: the TurboSIM isn't always the best solution if you didn't set it up yourself. They break easily, sometimes you can't see it from the outside. Also sometimes, if the Applesaft, etc. stuff hasn't been done right, the TurboSIM may not work with your SIM card or at least create problems.

    My experience with a TurboSIM (I set it up myself) is good but not the best. Sometimes, especially when roaming outside my country, SMS didn't work reliable.
    It also took some time to take care of a contact problem inside the SIM card reader, apparently there was a contact problem with my SIM and the TurboSIM.
    My experience with AnySIM is much better, everything works perfect but of course AnySIM won't work with the FW 1.1.1.
    thanks for sharing your experience... I've got no knowledge about the TurboSIM stuff and that Applesaft stuff.. <- is that free SW/tools? Because when there's no hack in 2-3 weeks I will buy a TurboSIM and it would be great to know if I have to spend more money than just for TurboSIm.. ;-)

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    Check with
    they started shipping about 10 days ago. they ran short before the software unlock was out cause it was one of the solutions to run the iphone with your own simcard.
    It's all the same version/revision. The difference is that some ppl on ebay claim to have them "already programmed for the iphone" what usually takes you a couple minutes. plus, if you get a sealed brandnew it's made sure to work after you programmed it. My expierience with turbosim (in my phone and two others of my friends) is perfect, including international roaming and so on.
    997TT is absolutely right, that little beast is extreamly brickable and you have to have a calm moment to make it fit with your simcard and insert it in the iphone's simslot.

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