Hi, I'm new to iPhone unlocking scene and recently bought a few iPhones off eBay one of which was advertised new and unlocked which it certainly isn't.

Anyway, heres the situation:

The iPhone is locked but I'm not sure which FW it has. According to the serial, it appears to be a 1.1.1 (week 39) but the baseband looks like a 1.1.2 (possibly an accidental upgrade to 1.1.2 from 1.1.1)

Baseband is 04.02.13_G

I am trying to find out if its OTB 1.1.2 or upgraded 1.1.2

I have been using this guide:


Everything worked perfect until step 3 when you get ibrickr to boot the iphone. It boots but just keeps rebooting and wont stay on the activate iphone screen. Ive tried it several times with no success

Does anyone know what could be wrong?