Thank you everyone for helping me in my unlocking endevors but the time has come for me to let go of this great piece of technology. I started at 1.02 then to 1.1.1 all unlocked, but as time went on and after countless restores, and virginizing, and downgrading, and upgrading, i bid farewell to it. I have sold my iPhone, I spent entirely too much time solving this mechanism (failed 2 tests) and well I loved coming here everyday to see what is the new News. Thank you Dev Team, thank you admins, thank you everyone who has helped me in my iPhone experience, the one thing I did get out of this was the Mac issue, I believe I am going to get a Mac next year sometime, because it is so fantastic . I just purchased an unlocked Nokia E61i which was surprisingly 379.00 which was rather odd for a phone that came out in Feb. or Jan of this 2007 year. But oh well.


Signing off-

cherry puffs