I had an anysim 1.02 unlocked phone with AT&T.I unlocked it because when I travel i buy a local pepaid sim
Steps I took to Virginize then upgrade and Unlock 1.1.1:

a)Sync with iTunes to get a backup
b)Restored to clean 1.02 software(shift-click) method and let iTunes activate
c)Used apptapp to jailbreak and install:Community sources,BSD,SSH and vt Term 100
d)iBrickr to upload virginizer files and ran all commands in manual method from
within term on my Springboard.I believe if you now follow the dev virginizer the
process is automated?

I now had a "virgin" 1.02 phone?!!

e)Restored back to "clean" 1.02 using shift-click method
f)Pressed Check for Updates and let iTunes install 1.1.1...worked error free.let AT&T do its activation
g) Installed .net and touchfree alpha...follwed prompts and had a jailbroken 1.1.1
with installer.app and summerboard
h)Used ibrickr to install Anysim .pxl after installing pxl with iBrickr v0.91..yes it works on 1.1.1 after jailbreak with touchfree alpha
i)Ran Anysim after setting Auto-lock to never..V. IMPT.!!!!!
I received unlock successful

This whole procedure took me about an hour..No errors...possibly due to restoring back?

Only question i have is......
I tried my friends T-Mo card and it didnt give me an invalid sim etc or no service indicator...It opened upto Springboard

DO I NEED TO RUN ANYSIM WITH THE T_MO CARD INSTALLED?..Didn t have to with anysim 1.02?