This tutorial is just for iphone with 0049*** imei

to fix the imei 0049 i found a solution that at least will let your iphone work with *sim (i'm using it with stealth sim)

1- downgrade the baseband to 04.01.13_G (there are several ways to do so)
I downgraded with ieraser but i guess baseband upgrader and virginizer will wor as well

2- restore to 111, jailbreak, and istall JUST anysim1.1

3- after Anysim finish without errors, the imei will stay 0049**

4- uninstall anysim1.1

5- cut your sim and place inside the phone with the stealth sim

your iphone is now ready to work with any carrier all over the world again!

I've just made a call from my orange uk sim again!!!

If it works for you.. thumbs up!