This is for those of you who just bought an iPhone with 1.1.1 software on it and who want to jailbreak, activate, and unlock it using a PC. It is also for those of us who want something easy and who don’t want to play with entering unix commands.

It takes about 30 to 35 min to do this. You do not have to be very tech savvy.

This entire guide was taken from other people and compiled here in one place to make it easy for you. I don’t claim any credit for anything except making everything easy to find and follow.

Follow the instructions exactly as little steps that can seemingly be skipped will cause you problems if you skip them.

For the record I’ve done this on 6 iPhones bought on different dates. It always works.

You need to download three programs:

Download CARNAVAL from here.
Thank you Hackint0sh’s user Brasuco. Brazil rocks!

Download WinSCP from here

Download Any Sim 1.1 from here (Thank you iPhone Dev Team!)

Unzip these files so that they are ready to use.
You should get:
folder called CARNAVAL by brasuco
A folder called

To jailbreak, activate and unlock you will need to be able to establish a WiFi connection for the iPhone. If you do not have WiFi ready and a password to get on the network (if it is password protected) you need to wait until you have access to WiFi. This guide will tell you how to get your iPhone connected to WiFi later but make sure it is available.

Download and install the latest version of iTunes It was when I did this
Hook up the iPhone
Wait till iTunes opens
Quit iTunes
Ctrl Alt Delete to bring up Windows task manager
Click on the Processes tab
Kill iTunesHelper.exe
Run CARNAVAL and follow the instructions

Note about Carnaval: (When using this program, after going to the jailbreak url and then hitting any key to continue you will either:

1) pass CARNAVAL’s test and it will allow you to continue onwards to jailbreaking and activating your phone. If this is the case, skip this note and follow the instructions CARNAVAL displays on the PC screen. When you are done with CARNAVAL (you will have already restarted your iphone 4 times and the program will have finished and closed, go to PART II of this guide
2) If you get a message saying “Houston we have a problem” your best bet is to do the following:
reboot the computer without the iPhone being hooked up. Restart the iphone.
Restart the iPhone by pressing the Sleep/Wake button until the red power slider button appears. Slide to turn it off then press the button to turn it back on.
Hook the iPhone to the computer after the computer has fully restarted and let iTunes open. Quit iTunes. Press Control Alt Delete Kill iTunesHelper again. In the iPhone go back to the jailbreak url and wait until it takes you back to the activation screen on the iPhone, run Carnaval again and get to the place where it tells you to hit any key to continue after your iPhone has returned to the Activation screen (after going to the jailbreak URL using your iPhone). Then follow the instructions, CARNAVAL should be able to do its work now.


For this part of the guide, thanks to
You should now have access to the SpringBoard and see the icons for the iTunes Music Store and Installer.

Set auto-lock on your phone as "never"

When doing the following installations the programs will be downloaded via your WiFi connection. If they freeze while downloading you may have to restart your iphone and try to download them with the installer again.

Press the Installer icon and it will open at the “Update” tab. Press “Installer” to update to the latest version.

Press “Update”.

Press “Yes” at the pop up.

Now press “OK”.

Press the Home button and the SpringBoard will relaunch because of the program you installed. Press Installer on the SpringBoard. Press the “Install” graphic at the bottom of the screen and scroll down to the “Sources” folder. Press it.

Press “Community Sources” and install it

Go back to the “System” folder and press it. Press “BSD Subsystem” and install it.

Go back to the “System” folder and press it. Press “OpenSSH” and install it. When it’s done, press the Home button to relaunch the SpringBoard.

For the following part of the guide thanks to HackintOsh’s user: juanpa74

Now we are just going to upload AnySIM into the Iphone and run it): [REMEMBER: AnySIM 1.1 unlocking survives restoring and iphone from 1.1.1 to 1.1.1. (We don't know about future upgrades]

Go to Settngs: WiFi and tap the blue arrow for the network you are connected to.
Write down the IP Address of the iPhone.

5.1 Start WinSCP. Host name: (put the iPhone IP address).
Port number: 22, User name: root, Password: alpine
File protocol: SFTP (uncheck Allow SCP fallback)
Click login (the first time takes more time).
WinSCP will show a panel (on the left your computer, on the right your iPhone)
If you can connect click on the yes dialog box that appears and skip to 5.2 below.

[IF IT DOESN’T CONNECT: Check the wifi on the iPhone is working.
Before doing all of the next things try this:
I find that surfing on the iPhone using Safari tends to make WinSCP find the iPhone. When WinSCP can’t connect or it looses the iPhone I just surf a bit and if I see Safari on the iPhone is loading a page normally, WinSCP usually manages to connect at that moment.
Other things you can Check if you cannot connect (but the above should do the trick). Check the computer connection (ping the ip address of the iphone). Of course computer and iphone must be on the same subnet. Check no firewall or security is blocking WinCP. Check the password again, check you didn’t use capital letters. And finally check OpenSSH is running on the iPhone (you can go to the installer on the iphone and install the services application. Then click on the services app and check ssh is on)]

5.2 On the iPhone panel click on the .. folder till you get to the top of the tree.
5.3 [In winSCP] Upload folder to the /Applications folder (Make sure both the folder and the file inside that folder named anysim have permission set to 0755)
[You upload by dragging and dropping from the left to the right panel. When you drop, a window pops up where you can set permissions.Check “Set permissions”.Click … Look for octal ]
5.4 Make sure that the SIM card that you wish to use does not require a PIN code to access it.
5.5 Insert your new SIM card. [Maybe you could use the AT&T but I did with my own one] If a pop up says locked it is because you need to enter the PIN number for your card. Do it.
5.6 Restart your iphone.
5.7 On your iPhone screen. Click AnySIM 1.1. It should end up saying it unlocked the iPhone. BUT it also may say it couldn’t unlock. It could be because you used AnySIM 1.1 before but you don’t remember and your phone is already unlocked. Anyway go on and continue.
5.8 Restart your iPhone. UNLOCK SUCCESS!!
5.9 Use winSCP to delete (you do not want to run this twice)
5.10 Restart the iPhone

Have Fun!

P.S. Very cold here in Russia. iPhone makes it bearable.