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Discuss can I unlock my iPhone 2 weeks later? at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; Hi.. i'm from Singapore.. just ordered 2 iphone from 2 days ago.. but after ...
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    Default can I unlock my iPhone 2 weeks later?

    Hi.. i'm from Singapore.. just ordered 2 iphone from 2 days ago.. but after seeing the news (that steve will block iphone unlocked program)..
    I went to cancel the orders.. just in case..

    but as I really wanted to have an iphone( i was thinking of ordering 1..instead of 2)
    there's a few qns i really need help on

    1) will I be able to unlock my phone using the current unlock programs even after 2-3 weeks later ( meaning.. no need to connect to iTunes to have updates from apple)
    i'm ok with sticking to 1.02 ..forever..

    2) so after i unlock my iphone.. ( if the new firmware released really render unlocked phone useless) .. can i connect to iTunes to change my music? while setting install updates unavailable.. will it be ok?

    my plan is to get the iphone shipped over.. like 2 weeks later.. and perform the unlock myself.. using the current 1.02.. if no better firmware unlocked version is around.. and probably stick to that version.. and i would last want an iTunes firmware update to ruin it.. so seriously in need of expertise advices from you guys.. welcome all suggestions and answers!
    Thanks guys!!!

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    if the shipped iphone comes with firmware 1.0.0, 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 that should work. and if they start shipping now, that should be the case. upon arrival do this

    make sure to download all files you need NOW, plus for the unlock aso

    just then dont ever upgrade the firmware and you should be fine. syc & co is working but have to stick with 1.0.2 until there is a hack

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