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Well, here's the thing. When i got the phone, ziphone was the only unlock available. I am now using a 1.1.2 iPhone unlocked with ziphone, and I know it downgrades it to bootloader 3.9. Doesn't make a diff for me since I live outside US and there is no warranty provided for my phone anyway.

What I wanna do is to upgrade to 1.1.4. Should I upgrade in iTunes or do a restore? Once I upgraded or restored, do i still need to unlock or simply jailbreak and activate? Should I continue using ziphone or iplus, Will iplus give any issues since it was previously unlocked using zipphone.
Restore to 1.1.4 in iTunes. Download and install iLiberty (it's by far the best and most versatile tool at the moment): see http://ipluspwns.com/?q=node. Check any boxes of your choosing (at least activate, jailbreak and unlock of course).