If we try the call-back trick on a bricked iPhone , if the NCK counter went to zero, we get a 0 calling back instead of 1.

Restoring to 1.1.3 fix the bad imei problem and if you downgrade to 1.1.1 in your preferences you'l find modem firmware: 04.13.08 and the IMEI is back BUT...

has anyone noticed that even if the imei is back when we do again the call-back trick the number who call us back is still 0??

So the imei is fixed, but apparently not the NCK counter...

This could be a problem when the unlock for 1.1.3 will be relased, the normal iPhones will be able to be unocked again, the ones bricked-113unbricked wont... since the counter still displays 0.

Anyone knows anything about this?

Anyone with the same problem?