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Discuss [2.0][i can'tmake it work]2.0 update at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; Ok here we go i hope the admin do not delete my post , guys ...
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    Unhappy [2.0][i can'tmake it work]2.0 update

    Ok here we go i hope the admin do not delete my post , guys i need help with this i accidently upgrade to 2.0 before this happen my phone was unlocked and working now i don't have crap, I'm been trying everything and nothing work please I really need help thanks for ur colaborations guys

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    Well.. let me tell you what happens in this forum....

    There are tons of people looking for answers... while there are a few people capable of providing answers... those guys having answers do lots of research in order to solve each new challenge... thing is.... "solvers" usually are HUNGRY for new challenges and get really pissed off when they face the same question over and over... so they do some "howtos" of what they know until now so people can go to those pages and experiment with their possible solutions.... then let's see the facts

    1. You are on the asking portion of people ( biggest portion )
    2. You didn't read before the update that you should NOT update
    3. You didn't searched for a solution before coming here to ask... there are 2 documents that may help you... that i've found without even having the same problem than you
    4. You didn't provided good information of what you have done until now you said that you have tried everything but there's no clue for anyone of what the word "everything" means to you

    ok.. then obviously there's a right way of doing things

    1. Do a little research your own to find some of the solutions already available
    2. If your research lead you to do something that you don't fully understand ask about that specific thing
    3. If your research lead you to a dead end... try to be as specific as you can about the step in which you got stuck
    4. Also specify FULL details on what you have tried until now

    Please spend a little time providing information that will make more easy for anyone to spot your problem... and will make people comment on your SPECIFIC need not on ambiguous stuff that may not even help you

    I bet people here is willing to help specially if they have been in the same position as you... so spend a little time getting a good question to ask

    on the other hand i said i knew 2 possible solutions.. well there's no point in not giving them so here are the 2 links


    the most important thing to remember: HELP PEOPLE TO HELP YOU if you really want a solution...

    if for some reason you don't want to spend your time reading or providing details with your question then you are as far as you can from your solution... but you can still pay some one to help you... so....

    if you can find a solution to your problem is always good to post your experiences so they can help other people... that's a great way to be grateful about the help you received

    good luck... post wisely
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