Hi, I have an 1.1.2 OTB iPhone which was gunlocked (geohotz method) I used iLiberty 1.0 (for mac)

so first off, I restored to 1.1.4 via itunes 7.6, then I opened iLiberty 1.0 and chose ALL 4 standard options (jailbreak, activation, unlock and unlock FB) and after I upgraded I noticed that when I receive an sms the timestamp at the top shows that I got the msg 4 hours behind EST time (my time in toronto) but when I send an sms the time is perfectly normal on both phones

the steps I took were.
1. change timezone of calendars to toronto
2. change automatic time off and change timzone of time to toronto

none of these steps worked, timestamp still shows 4 hours behind

EDIT: I looked online and noticed a temp solution by changing the time to iceland(where time is 4 hours ahead of mine) and turning off automatic time completely. I would like a permanent solution so that my time can be automatic so that I don't need to change it if I goto another timezone.

Please help find a permanent solution for my 1.1.4 iPhone

Thanks, Phil