so got another problem iphone that really has me about to put my head through the wall...

so this is my gf's phone...

Purchased 4gb 1.0.1
Upgraded to 1.0.2
JB, Activated with ibrickr, then iUnlock (AnySim) 1.0.2 to unlock for T-mobile
she also had the T-Zones hack for cheaper data plan..

she tells me she dropped the phone and now has no service and repair needed msg
I think o god not again since I was in the original NO SERVICE thread with a phone with a bad baseband (hardware issue).
In addition, she also lets her IT guy at work check out for the phone who for some reason decides to restore to 1.1.4 for no reason.

So great, phone might be broken physically AND now it's been upgraded to 1.1.4 without virginizing.

I get the phone with 1.1.4 and try all these things
restoring to 1.02, restoring to 1.1.1
tried ibrickr 1.0.2, then ZipPhone on 1.1.1, then iPlus2.0 (1.1.4), then iLiberty+ (1.1.4), then WinPwn (1.1.4)... all of which hit brick walls... all from DFU restores

got the furthest with WinPwn which got me into 1.1.4 custom FW, which got me to terminal and allowed me to ibrickr Virginizer files over but 1.1.4 vt100 terminal has that password issue and of course I have no WIFI. Used the original Terminal app but couldn't use chmod for some reason (i had bsd subsystem installed).

Last thing that happened was that the phone (i think) ran out of batteries and died. It now turns on when connected to wall socket but dies the second i pull the plug. Does not respond when plugged in via USB to any usb port, any computer. Does not charge since the last thing that happened was ZipPhone fked up and gives me that Calibration Data Incorrect w/ the continuous scrolling error msg.. I can't get it to a usb to restore. So I am stuck with an ibrick that only works when plugged into the wall.

Any suggestions?? I know some of you have had the same issues if not all of the ones I have had. But I need a way to get the phone hooked up back to my PC.

Thanks in advance.