i unlocked my phone using ziphone and it wasnt working fully and after reading some more i decided i wanted to use iliberty+ instead. so i put my phone into dfu restored and used iliberty+. but during the flashing it froze not sure if it was my phone that caused it or a lose connection to my computer.
but then after it started up again i had that scrolling bsd 0 primary 2 secondary 0 or somethign like that on my screen.
i then put into dfu again and tried restoring and then phone started up but no signal and just about everything didnt work other than the interface
i continued to dig my own hole and put back into dfu mode and tried to restore.
thsi time i got that locked sim error
i then tried restoring in dfu for different firmware versions and i somehow ended up where i am now
itunes gives me the "there is a problem with your iphone message"
and phone looks like it did out of the box but i cant unlock it
the info tab tells me
IMEI : 00 499901 064000 0
the sticky up above mentions that this is a very very bad thing

i was hoping someone on this forum can give advice or a relavent link so i can try to resolve my issue. i spent hours/day last 3 days and i still cant figure it out.

is there a way for me to viginize my phone at this point?

or perhaps someone has some tips as to what i should/can do next it would be greatly appreciated

if i must bring it back to apple store i must
but some advice on that would also be great
shoudl i admit to them what i was doing?
should i just tell them phone was acting up i restored and this happened?
tell them it was acting up i restored this happened then i followed some instructions on websites and ended up here?

im really at a loss as to what the best next step is. if apple will charge me say 100 dollars but fix it i wouldnt be happy but it would be better than having to buy a new one.

thank you for taking the time to read my post and any advice even to flame me for going beyond my knowledge and destroying my phone when i cant afford a new one would be appreciated