i started with a 1.1.2 OTB iPhone and did a hardware unlock.
i ran 1.1.2 unlocked some days but i wanted to try 1.1.3
so i did a soft update (uploaded all files via sftp and ran install.sh).
1.1.3 ran quite fine but i so many apps won't work...as you might have noticed

now i would like to downgrade back to 1.1.2 to get all my favourite software working.

which steps are needed to do this?
my BL is 3.9 and my Baseband is 04.02.13_G

i thought of the following steps (please correct me if i'm wrong)

* put 1.1.3 iPhone in DFU Mode and restore 1.1.1
* jailbreak 1.1.1 via jailbreakme.com
* oktoprep
* update to 1.1.2
* jailbreak 1.1.2
* run anysim in airplane mode

maybe someone can post references to similiar problems.

thanks in advanced