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Discuss [1.1.3] List of Applications which cause problems under jailbroken 1.1.3 at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; All, I would like to start this thread, as there seem to be quite a ...
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    Cool [1.1.3] List of Applications which cause problems under jailbroken 1.1.3


    I would like to start this thread, as there seem to be quite a few apps, which ran fine under 1.1.2 but mess up your system under 1.1.3.
    It happened to me that after upgrading I had to restore a couple times, after installing 3rd party apps via the installer.
    First I had upgraded via dev-team, where I really had a lot of issues.
    Now I am under Ziphone 2.0, but still some apps cause problems.
    I just would like to start this, so you might check the list before, to ensure that the app is "safe" for usage under 1.1.3.
    If anybody here knows a solution or has experienced a problem with an app, please feel free to add in.

    Customize: wonderfull tool, but under 1.1.3 in my case it only starts shows the start screen and after 2-3 seconds I am back on my main screen

    Mobile Finder: I can use it to find items, but in connection with the terminal I can not modicy, rename or anything else on the phone.

    term vt: installed it but something seems to be not working right, might be the issue why finder can not modify any files.

    SSH: I can access the phone, up- and download files, but it seems that a lot of files are stored in new places. But I was still able to upload ringtones, themes and so on. Just looking for a mod for springboard to use custom carrier logos.

    Summerboard: Seems to work fine, but sometimes after a reboot the phone is back to the original iphone design, but the theme is still set in summerboard, no idea what causes that.

    Transit app for singapore: I can download the app and the db for it, installs, but after ending the installer, I have the always repeating boot screen, seems like not to be made to run under 1.1.3. First time I had to restore the whole phone, the second try I was at least able to access the phone via ssh and delete the file, and the phone was fine again.

    Sync of itunes: Had to use the patch for the sync, as my contacts were empty after sync.

    Services: App seems to work, but when I turn off Wifi in services, it is still turned on and I can use it, so seems to turn something off, but not Wifi ;-)

    And one more thing regarding the queue feature in the installer, real nice feature for downloading all in one go, but dont fill that one up too much, that also brought me to the apple and spinning symbol, seems like 3 or 4 should be the max and if you have installations, which require a reboot after, do it one by one, otherwise you find yourself just at the beginning of the restore...
    By now I got pretty good at it, but I prefer a running phone and not the need to restore it all the time...

    As you see it is only a short list, therefore I would appreciate if you could add in.
    And maybe all people who develop all the great pieces of software can try to fix the issues.
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    nice one..thanks



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