I have few quetions, i already read answers but beetwen all the differents jailbreaks of 1.1.3..... i'm messes up.

1. Is it possible to upgrade to 1.1.3 with the new baseband jailbroken ?
2.If yes, it should be possible to run the locate function on googlemaps ?
3.About the 4.6 unlock, is it possible to do it directly from 1.1.3 with the NEW BB ?
Or even with the 1.1.3 with 1.1.2's BB ?

So as you understood, i JB 1.1.3 with the first method, Natetrue's. All i want to know is, can i run the locate function if i can upgrade BB and JB it ? And can i unlock it with Geohot's method after ?

I know these questions has been asked many times but it's a real mess, there are so many JB, Different versions, for people like me it's really confusing.