heya guys

I was wondering if somebody could help me.

I have an iPhone that was originally a OTB 1.1.2 which I was able to jailbreak using the oktoprep method. when the 1.1.3 unlock and jailreak was released, i went right ahead and ghave it a try.

i did have a few problems, basically my baseband was destroyed so. the only way to fix the phone was to restore through itunes to 1.1.3. so then i gave it another try and it worked, so I know have a jailbroken and unlocked 1.1.3 iphone that was originally 1.1.2 OTB

the only problem I have now is that the phone no longer vibrates when switched to silent, i have no vibration when I recieve a message and no message tones. everything else (the phone as a whole, general ringtones, alarms) are all working perfectly

was wondering if anybody else has had this issue and is there a fix?

i have already tried the 1.1.3 ringtone fix on installer but this hasn't helped