Ok I had 1.1.1 Unlocked iPhone with lots of applications installed. I had used some method so that the applications used the space from the 8Gb Drive instead of flash.

So I used iBrickr and Soft Updated to 1.1.3. Now I got an 1.1.3 Unlocked iPhone ! ( I have no idea how the 1.1.3 was pre unlocked )

So now I have few problems :

1. All my applications are gone, and Installer still shows that they're installed.
2. I think the default ringtones too are gone i.e. I dont hear any ringtone on receiving a call, just the vibration.
3. WinSCP is not working. It says Connection Refused".

So what I want is......Remove Installer completely along with all 3rd Party applications and then start afresh with a new Installer.app and all other 3rd Party Appz.

Can anyone help me ???