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Can someone tell me or point me in the right direction to unlock and jailbreak my sons used Iphone. when I turn it on it says locked sim and there is a Itunes ap that I see kindof behind the box on the bottom with different languages running thru it.
Please, this is my sons 3rd phone this year that is why I put him on a prepay which is a different carrier than the phone but we do have the prepay carriers sim card.
Can you provide more details? Right now it looks like you are threadjacking (jumping on an unrelated thread)

I highly doubt that you would have got your hands on a 1.1.3 iPhone 2G now (even if it is second hand)

Sounds like you are stick at the "slide for emergency" screen. Getting past it requires a bit more details.

Download and run TinyUmbrella The Firmware Umbrella - TinyUmbrella plug in the iPhone and tinyumbrella will report the model number, iOS version and baseband version. Reply with this information and we can give you more accurate help.

Do not let iTunes update or restore the iPhone.