Hey guys,
I have been researching the forums, but I can't find any solution for this ( whether it is hardware or software ) and I am getting majorly pissed at my iPhone. I have a 1.1.2 OTB , which was jailbroken and x-simmed on 1.1.2. Any time the phone goes into "autolock" or i press the power button to put it into lock the phone is not coming back no matter what keys i press ( Note this happens only when the phone is NOT on the charger ). The constant playing song on the background is not viable solution - battery will die very fast. So i decided to do the update to 1.1.3 with iClarified method via installer. It went well ( kinda ), now every single time i have to reboot the phone goes into DFU and I have to use iBrickr to get it out of it. So both problems are becoming related - if the phone locks i can't bring it back to life without the hard reset , if I do that it goes into DFU.

I really don't know what to do. If it's a hardware issue - ok , what do I need to get, or if it's software what do I need to install. None of those issues seem to have a clear solution, and I can see a ton of people having them.

Please help !